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SEF 2024 To Host Over 30 Expert-Led Workshops To Upskill Entrepreneurs

As the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival (SEF) gears up for its 7th edition on 3rd-4th February 2024, it brings with it an exclusive lineup of more than 30 workshops designed to provide experiences curated to equip attendees with practical skills, knowledge, and inspiration.

SEF 2024 aims to create a vibrant ecosystem for collaborative innovation and collective impact under the overarching theme of "Our Shared Canvas." It will feature workshops led by industry leaders and global experts from renowned organisations, including Linkedin, PWC, Sukoun, and School of Humanity, to name a few.

Aligned with Sharjah Entrepreneurial Centre's (Sheraa) commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, the organiser of this yearly global gathering, these workshops will cover a wide array of topics.

For LinkedIn's workshop, "Building Your Personal Brand," experts from the global social powerhouse will impart practical online presence and networking strategies, equipping attendees with the skills and confidence to make them stand out in the job market. On the other hand, in "Less Branding, More Identity" with Mohammed Abualqussam and Naz Naddaf of Sukoun, attendees will explore authentic identity-building beyond conventional branding, giving them a niche approach to self-representation.

"Jobs Industries of the Future" by The School of Humanity will provide an outlook on emerging careers while promoting adaptability in the professional environment. "Keep Calm and Carry on: Healing the Stress Epidemic" with Dr.Shefali Verma, Medical Biohacker, Healthcare Consultant and Educator, will equip entrepreneurs with techniques to avoid burnout and how to be proactive in stress management, while respected auditor and accountant Saleh Al Nuaimi's "How to Start a Business with Zero Capital" will share creative and strategic approaches for launching ventures without substantial financial investment.

Attendees to SEF 2024 will get to uncover the art of compelling storytelling in modern media with Richard Fitzgerald from Augustus Media's "Crafting Narratives" workshop, offering techniques to captivate audiences. In "Making Your Movie Magic Happen with Film Finance 101" by Nayla Al Khaja, aspiring filmmakers will gain knowledge in film finance for turning creative visions into reality.

Abdulla Al Sharhan from Sharjah Media City (Shams) will guide attendees in "Using AI to Design and Produce HQ Professional Images," unlocking the potential of AI in visual asset creation.

Ash Bhatia from Enhance Ventures will lead the workshop "Building Ventures for Corporate Government Entities", providing entrepreneurs with strategic approaches to establish and scale ventures tailored for corporate and government collaborations.

Attendees will gain valuable insights for establishing a venture in the country with "How to start a business in UAE" by the Emirates Entrepreneurs Association, while PWC's "AI Ethical Toolkit" will equip participants to navigate AI's ethical dimensions through an interactive ESG board game.

With a range of workshops from Silver Fern Digital, the renowned e-learning platform, their experts will empower entrepreneurs with insights into streamlining a minimum viable product, building competitive business models, understanding new-age leadership, and design-led product building.

Finally, SoiLAB, Sharjah's Open Innovation Lab, is organising Master Classes on 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, and Advanced 3D Scanning, offering an immersive dive into technological innovation and leaving attendees with a wealth of newly found skills and knowledge.

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