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The Importance of Daily Cleansing. Tips for Healthy Skin

The Importance of Daily Cleansing. Tips for Healthy Skin

People live in consonance with cycles – from season changes to individual day-night-based routines. At their every stage, our organisms need appropriate care. And the skin, as the largest organ, is the first to reflect both good and bad decisions we make. It is crucial how we start and end our day, from the point of a skincare routine. Cleansing is one of the fundamental stages people should never skip. Why is this step so significant, and how do you choose the correct skin care products? Read below.

The Fundamental Impact of Cleansing

Cleansing means clearing the skin from everything that sits on it during the day or night. This process is important both in the morning and in the evening, as it restores the balance of the skin barrier, removes impurities, and addresses excess sebum, maintaining a fresh and radiant appearance of the skin throughout the day.

In the morning, you need to remove the nighttime skincare leftovers. Evening cleansing is a multistep process because you might have gone out, spent some time exposed to the elements, and put on makeup. 

Much depends also on the season, weather, and your activities outside. All those factors determine how much dust, sweat, and random tiny particles rest on the surface of your skin. All that combined is a suitable environment for pathogen development. Washing it off in the evening prepares the skin for the renewal process and helps avoid inflammation. 

Cleansing According to Skin Types

Cleansers vary depending on their formula – some contain more oil-fighting solutions, while others aim to moisturize your skin. Before purchasing any new product, make sure to review its ingredients. Some of the cheaper options may contain substances that damage the skin.

Here is the list of the best cleansers by the skin type:

  • Oily skin needs solutions to control excessive sebum production. Salicylic acid in gel cleansers can help.
  • Dry skin needs moisturizing compounds like hyaluronic acid or glycerin. A creamy texture would be perfect for a cleanser for dry skin.
  • Normal skin requires balanced cleansers that save the skin's natural oil layer. The texture is not that important. 
  • Combination skin usually requires treatment for both dry and oily zones. So, it needs to have a balanced pH and convenient formula.
  • Sensitive skin requires excluding elements that can irritate it. A cleanser for sensitive skin must not contain fragrances or common allergens. 

Besides selecting the correct cleanser for your skin type, you should also be aware that such components as sulfates, alcohol, and artificial fragrances may be harmful. Pay specific attention to the pH balance, which can vary from 4.7 to 5.75.


In building a skincare routine, one should remember the first and very important step – it is cleansing. It helps wash off all the skincare leftovers, makeup, dust, and microparticles where pathogens develop. You should consider your skin type when selecting a cleanser to keep your skin healthy. It is best to choose mild cleansers with balanced pH over those that contain harsh elements like sulfates or alcohol. Try INSTYTUTUM’s Transforming Melting Cleanser, with a delicate formula and wonderful effect!

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