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Cats Regale Shoppers At Sahara Centre

Amidst the wide array of entertaining and unusual activities on show at Sahara Centre as part of the Sharjah Spring Promotion 2010 is a fun-filled and amazing Cat Show. Also called the ‘Trained Siamese Cat Show’, the act involves six beautiful and fluffy cats jumping, hopping and performing cute stunts as ordered by their master.

A Russian couple who are the creators of the show - display a simply unbelievable performance with their cat troupe. The show involves the cats walking, jumping and performing various acts on an iron rod placed vertically on a stand. There is also an act where the cats jump from a long horizontally held rod to a velvet cushion held below by their master.

The couple began showcasing the act 13 years ago and all the cats have been personally trained. “There is no fixed training time that a cat requires. Some may take just 2 months while the others might take 2 years. We love all our cats - Narwagia, Namba, Bagira, Tina, Galavandiya and Karolina - they are more like our kids,” says Maxim, adding that they have been named after different places such as Norway, Russia, Poland etc”, said the couple.

“Our cat show is most liked by people. We love the enthusiasm in the people here. We are extremely delighted that we could bring this wonderful show for the Spring Promotion. We are looking forward to entertaining the audiences at Sahara Centre,” added the couple.

The shows will run every day in two sessions as part of the other shows, from 6:30pm to 7:15pm and from 7:50pm to 8:45pm until February 28 in Sahara Centre.

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