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Sharjah Museums Department To Launch Summer Camp 2010 At Sharjah Science Museum On June 27

Under the slogan “Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Scientists”, Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) will launch the Summer Camp 2010 at Sharjah Science Museum on June 27, open for children aged 5-14 years. The initiative comes in line with SMD’s commitment to encourage children to use their spare time creatively and positively during the summer.

The activities from June 27 to July 1, for children aged 5-7 years, will include workshops on how to learn about the functions of the five senses; how to make a toy using common items and fly it attached to a helium balloon; learn the names of teeth and about various food beneficial or harmful to the teeth. The activities will also include ways to discover how fish swim and breath, and ways to build different designs using Lego pieces.

The activities from July 4-8, for children aged 12-14 years, will include practical training on ways on first aid for fractures, wounds, burns and suffocation; how to use Image Composer A and E; learn how to make soap by adding fragrances and perfumes and flower. The week will also include a workshop on how to save the environment and learn more about clean energy resources, as well as a race with friends using solar cars and how to make a solar cooker.

The activities from July 11-15 will include workshops on ways to identify the chemical structure of wax and learn how to make candles and color them, understand how simple machines work and make a compass. It will also educate children on the washing machine dryer and other machines with simple models, and on the importance of environmental resources through paper recycling, and creating greeting cards from recycled material. The week will include a workshop that teaches children the basics of aviation and airplanes, where they will visit Al Mahatta Museum and tour the first plane that landed in the UAE.

The activities from July 18-22 will include workshops that teach children the chemistry of polymers and fire works, body mass index and baking food. The workshops will also include watching solar spots, racing competitions using solar cars and ways to fix and operate robots and learn the importance of robotics in life.

Sharjah Science Museum is dedicated to promoting interest, learning and creativity in order to make the discovery of science enjoyable and fun. It inspires innovative learning environments and tools for exploration using imaginative and enjoyable experiences to help visitors of all ages, backgrounds and origins to understand science.

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