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Tandeef Tests New Lagoon Cleaning Boat In Sharjah

Efficient boat collects up to 100kg of recyclables daily from polluted waterways during trial phase.

Tandeef – a division of Bee’ah, The Sharjah Environment Company – has introduced an innovative and highly efficient lagoon cleaning boat to its existing fleet of environmental upkeep vehicles.

According to Tandeef’s Operations Director, George Yanos: “Tandeef made the decision to introduce a lagoon cleaning boat to Sharjah waters after hearing the community’s concerns regarding the state of the area’s waterways.

“Tandeef had the boat designed and built in Sharjah and so far it has proven to be highly efficient and easy to maintain.”

The simple fisherman-style boat – currently in its trial phase – features custom Tandeef-built ‘side wings’ and is able to collect up to 100kg of recyclables per day; that is double the amount that was being collected using Tandeef’s old ‘manual’ boats.

Tandeef’s newest boat was put to water about six weeks ago and is being closely monitored by Tandeef’s research and design team. Since its pilot phase began on the waterway along the Corniche of the Al Khaled Lagoon, the boat has undergone minor design changes to improve efficiency.

As a result of the floating recyclers’ success, Tandeef is currently preparing to build a second boat, with a flotilla of five additional boats expected to be introduced in future.

“Tandeef hopes that the introduction of this boat will prove that one does not need to spend a lot of money to implement a programme that will have a noticeably positive impact on the environment,” Yanos concluded.

Tandeef is dedicated to Sharjah’s waste issues and is primarily responsible for the beautification of Sharjah City and its waste collection and management. It remains committed not only to the clean-up of waste in the emirate, but also to reducing the actual volume of waste through community outreach activities. Tandeef believes that with the help of residents committed to the three environmental R’s —reducing, re-using and recycling — waste quantities can be minimised dramatically.

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