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Sheikha Bodour Praises Kalimat Efforts As They Prepare For The Book Fair Season

Publishing house set to attend the Frankfurt and Sharjah Book Fairs

Kalimat, the award winning publishers of Arabic children’s literature is set to embark on this season’s line up of local and international book fairs. Sponsored by Gulftainer for all of the international book fairs, Kalimat will be heading to the Frankfurt Book Fair, an event that turns one of Germany’s biggest cities into a meeting place for authors, publishers, booksellers and film producers. Scheduled from the 6th to the 10th of October, Frankfurt Book Fair is expected to exhibit over 4,000 participants and marks the country’s bookworm’s event of the year.

At the book fair Kalimat will launch the new book “Tareeqati Al Khassa (My Own Special Way)” by Emirati author, Maitha Al Khayat. The book tells the story of how young Hamda embraces the hijab (veil) voluntarily, in a positive way. In the story, Maitha Al Khayat looks to appeal to Arab and non Arab readers by emphasizing how wearing the hijab is a celebratory and positive way of life that doesn’t have to be persuaded onto young Muslim girls. In a bid to raise awareness of the hijab, depiction of a close-knit supportive family in a Muslim and Middle-Eastern life, Tareeqati Al Khassa will be also available in an English version, after worldwide rights were sold to the UK publisher, Orion Publishers. The established UK publishing group is expected to release the book in an audio-book and e-book format as well.

Maitha Al Khayat, a mother of four is a business-woman and a wife, who has managed to keep alive her fondness of writing and reading. Residing in Ras Al Khaimah, Al Khayat first book “I Love My Dad’s Long Beard” was inspired by her children who adore their father’s beard and has written several children’s book that highlight the Arab culture and tradition. “I like to write for kids and work on stories that portray our culture and heritage of the UAE and also preserve our Islamic traditions in a welcoming and pleasant approach for our next generation” says Al Khayat.

“For Kalimat, the strategy is precise, develop our portfolio of Arabic children’s books that focus on raising awareness of our culture and tradition but the criteria is to ensure that children are encouraged to learn and appreciate the Arabic language. The team at Kalimat works effortlessly to ensure that every author, illustrator and story line delivers to our approach. Having partners that believe in our dedication allows the brand to expand into the new territories” said Sheikha Bodour Al Qassimi, Founder, Kalimat.

“With shared commitment to further our reach into international markets, we are grateful to Gulftainer for their continued support in our endeavors. For so many years they have come forward and sponsored our participation in international book exhibitions allowing us to develop presence throughout the globe” said Dareen Chareffuddin, Publisher Kalimat.

At the Frankfurt book fair Kalimat will highlight the rise in Emirati authors and illustrators. After their return, Kalimat will participate in the Sharjah Book Fair expected to take place end of October.

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