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RTA Inks Fines Collection Agreement With Sharjah Transport

Roads & Transport Authority – Manal Khalid

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a joint cooperation agreement with Sharjah Transport regarding the collection of “Passengers Smuggling Fines”; which allows for the possibility of collecting passenger smuggling fines at RTA Offices; a step which is believed to save time and effort of customers as well as the concerned entity. The Agreement was signed at RTA Head Office in Dubai.

Commenting on the Agreement, the CEO of RTA Licensing Agency Ahmed Bahrozyan said: “This cooperation comes in the context of our Mission to foster safe driving practices across the community, and enhance customer experience through adopting world-class standards in the licensing of drivers and customers. This Agreement is part of the agreements made with various government entities in the UAE with the aim of facilitating the procedures for customers such that RTA centers will collect the fines in the interest of all bodies. Therefore, this Agreement reflects the awareness of the two parties of the negative impact of the outlawed practicing of passenger transport activities on the incomes of taxis operating under franchise agreements as well as the civilized image of the UAE. Such negative practice has therefore got to be combated through issuing the fines provided for in this regard”.

“The Agreement with Sharjah Transport provides for collecting the fines made against vehicles bearing Dubai licensing plates at RTA Customer Service Centers to avoid any delay in the collection of such fines as the offences made are not linked to the traffic system in Dubai,” added Bahrozyan.

For his part Abdullah Al Zarri, Director General of Sharjah Transport paid tribute to this cooperation which he said: “reflects the sincere attention of the government bodies to make agreements that help solve problems for the benefit of customers in an efficient and prompt manner”. He stated that such Agreement was meant for the benefit of both parties considering its contribution to minimizing the offences made which were running on for a long period and for various reasons.

“Through the Agreement, RTA will collect the fines made by us against vehicles violating the conditions of passenger transport regulations issued by the concerned bodies in Sharjah Emirate, as licensed by the RTA; and as such they will be dispatched to them through the e-link to be introduced in the near future,” commented Al Zarri.

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