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SLC Ice Skating Team Participates In The Desert Open Figure Skating Championship 2011 In Abu Dhabi

The Ice skating team of the Sports Department at the Sharjah Ladies Club was able to win several awards and medals in the Desert Open Figure Skating Championship 2011 in Abu Dhabi. The team members participated in various categories of the competition, where they impressed the audiences and attendees, ranking in the third place at the competition which lasted over two full days.

This participation comes within the “Precious Investment” campaign, which is released by the Supreme Council for Family Affairs within all its institutions, aiming in forming families, educational and social institutions, and ready in facing future challenges through raising children and preparing them well.

The SLC team participated in several programs for each team members such as the “technical”, “Free style” and “Artistic” programs. Skaters showed their fluency in ice skating and showed their unique skills which impressed the audience and attendees. Therefore, the players were able to score around 6 gold medals and 7 silver medals.

“These Championships gives great opportunity of learning and meeting other experiences through competing with other teams. Especially since such contests prepare team members to compete on a local level and with highly reputed teams, which in turn lead to gain experience and skills. We thank all those involved in the tournament, in having a huge role in the development of ice skating in the UAE. And I finally thank Coach Tamara, and I congratulate our team on their achieving, and I hope to participate in more local and international tournaments in the future”, said Hala Al Far, sports Coordinator.

It is worth mentioning that the Desert Open Figure Skating Championship 2011 was held at the Abu Dhabi Ice skating rink and lasted for two days. The competition witnessed a huge number of teams participating such as Al Nasr club team, Al Ain Mall team, Abu Dhabi ice skating team, as well as SLC ice skating team which scored 13 medals through the competition and ranking third place.

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