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RTA Establishes e-Link With Sharjah Municipality

The Agreement Signed Enables RTA To Collect Fines

Roads & Transport Authority – Nashwan Al Atta’ee: The Licensing Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently signed an Agreement with Sharjah Municipality whereby the Licensing Agency will levy the fines issued by Sharjah Municipality on offending vehicles licensed by the Licensing Agency whose details are transmitted electronically to the Agency by the Municipality.

The Agreement was signed at RTA Head Office in Dubai on behalf of the RTA by the CEO of Licensing Agency Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, and on behalf of the Municipality by Riyadh Abdullah bin Alayyan Deputy Director General of Sharjah Municipality.

“RTA is always keen on broadening and boosting its products as well as electronic solutions in keeping with its drive to provide best-in-class services to the public at world-class standards, and in line with the strategies of the Dubai e-Government,” said Bahrozyan.

“In response to the desire of our brothers in Sharjah Municipality, we have signed this Agreement with them in order to facilitate the collection of fines issued by Sharjah Municipality on offending vehicles licensed by RTA Licensing Agency. We pay tribute to the sincere attention shown by the officials of Sharjah Municipality to take this step; which we hope will be the starting point of broader cooperation between the two parties.

“According to this Agreement, the Licensing Agency is committed to levy fines issued and electronically transmitted by Sharjah Municipality and the Agency is equally committed to transfer the full amount of fines collected to the bank account supplied by the Municipality within 60 working days starting from the end of the month following the month in which the collection was made. The Agency is also committed to provide interim electronic reports about the collection processes and offer Sharjah Municipality access to them besides saving them in a CD every month accompanied with a letter of authorization,” added Bahrozyan.

For his part the Deputy Director General of Sharjah Municipality Riyadh Abdullah bin Alayyan reiterated the commitment of the Municipality to establish a direct contact with the Licensing Agency, provided the Municipality will bear all provisional & monthly expenses of these calls. The Municipality is also committed to enter the details of offences reported online on a daily basis.

The Municipality, in coordination with the Licensing Agency, is also committed to sort out any problems that might crop up during the collection process as soon as possible, and not to ask the offender to pay for any fees or administrative expenses. The Municipality is also committed to bear the collection commission amounting to 15 dirham per each fine collected by the Agency, provided the aggregate amount of commissions to be paid in full by the end of each month. The Agency is entitled to deduct the amount of commissions from the dues of the Municipality in case they were not transferred within a month of the collection date.

The two parties also agreed that the Licensing Agency will collect the dues of previous fines applicable to offences issued by the Municipality; which were not paid as of 01/06/2011, provided the details of offences made before this date on offending vehicles have to be entered in case such transaction had not been processed before; such as changing the vehicle number plate or transferring vehicle ownership. The Sharjah Municipality has to be provided with a list showing the numbers and details of offences along with the reason preventing the collection so that necessary action might be taken.

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