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Sharjah-based chef Sithara brings a taste of home to the Sharjah International Book Fair
As she chopped up a bunch of fresh ingredients, chef Sithara noted that the vibrant salad is perfect to cool off on warmer days, and can be prepared the family’s favourite seasonal summer fruits.

Urban farmer Stephen Ritz tells SIBF’s young audience that his mission is to grow vegetables
Ritz has been empowering students to take responsibility for their health back home in America, and takes to the Sharjah International Book Fair stage to inspire the UAE’s children & youth.

Students Create Small Books but Big Stories at SIBF 2019 Workshop
Workshop to teach children the craft of miniature book-making at Sharjah International Book Fair.

Calls from HH Ruler of Sharjah. A story about how the visionary led and managed Sharjah’s cultural project
Book released by Sharjah Broadcasting Authority at SIBF 2019.

1001 Titles Initiative Discusses New Ideas with Publishers at SIBF 2019
Session brought together Emirati and Arab publishers, authors and publishing industry professionals.

The Big Heart Foundation: USD 136,000 Award For Refugee Advocacy By Sharjah & UNHCR Expands Across Asia And Africa For 2020 Nominations
The entirety of Africa has come under the geographical purview of the USD 136,000 Sharjah International Award for Refugee Advocacy and Support (SIARA).

Expo Centre Sharjah Concludes Successful Participation In ’World Travel Market’ Show (WTM) In London
The Expo Centre Sharjah has concluded its successful participation in the ’World Travel Market’ (WTM) show in London which was held from 4 - 6 November as part of the Sharjah delegation headed by Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority.

Top 7 Services To Restore Your Classic Car Into Excellent Shape
Do you have a hidden gem in your garage? Is there a classic car in your hands begging to be brought back to life? Were you handed down an automotive heirloom?

Home Security Services Smarter And Stronger Than Ever
As far as modern security services go, the continuous innovations in home security are impressive and forward-thinking, to say the least.

Transferring Money to the UAE from Abroad
Dubai is expected to hit 20 million visitors per year, by 2020.

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