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DIEDC Expands Network Of Partners In Indonesia

The Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre, DIEDC, signed two Memorandums of Understanding, MoUs, with the Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Centre, IHLC, and the National Islamic Finance Committee, KNKS, on the sidelines of the Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival 2019, appointing the IHLC and the KNKS as strategic partners of the DIEDC in promoting the Islamic economy worldwide.

Abdulla Mohammed Al Awar, CEO of the DIEDC, signed the first agreement with Sapta Nirwandar, Chairman of the ILHC, and the second agreement with Ventje Rahardjo, Executive Director of the KNKS, in the presence of senior representatives from the three entities.

The MoUs provide a framework for collaboration between the DIEDC and the two Indonesian organisations with a focus on knowledge sharing, joint exhibitions, exchange visits, and workshops. Their objectives also include the introduction of the halal industry through the IHLC and Islamic finance through the KNKS to new markets, as well as leveraging the expertise of the entities to raise the profile of the Islamic economy.

Both Muslim-majority countries, the UAE and Indonesia have enjoyed friendly relations, rooted in shared values and solidarity, for over 40 years.

Al Awar said, "We welcome these agreements that aim to advance our endeavours to stimulate the growth of the halal and Islamic finance sectors and the wider Islamic economy. Today, the DIEDC is shaping the new Islamic economy landscape worldwide. We are confident our strategic collaboration with the IHLC and the KNKS will strengthen the presence of the Islamic economy in Indonesia, and look forward to a long-term productive partnership with the Islamic economy entities in the country."

Rahardjo said, "Indonesia recently launched the Indonesia Islamic Economic Masterplan 2019-2024, which encompasses development frameworks, strategies and action plans designed to help the Islamic finance industry play a larger role in the country’s economic development. We are confident that this collaboration will generate more strategic initiatives to address the visions of both countries to strengthen the Islamic economy ecosystem."

Afdhal Aliasar, Director of Islamic Economy and Halal Industry Development, KNKS, said, "Collaboration with the DIEDC is tremendously important to facilitate greater access for Indonesia’s halal products in the global market. We want to ensure that the industrialisation and internationalisation of Indonesia’s halal products can be achieved, especially for halal products manufactured by small and medium enterprises."

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