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Arab Reading Challenge To Promote Reading Among Students

The Arab Reading Challenge, ARC, initiative has announced holding online interactive sessions on Instagram to promote reading among students.

Through eight interactive sessions during the Holy Month of Ramadan, children’s books authors, experts and media figures will address a variety of topics on reading and share tips on book selection, storytelling and writing.

The sessions, to broadcast on Instagram every Tuesday and Friday at 22:30 UAE timing on ARC’s Instagram account (@arabreading), aim to encourage the habit of reading as millions of children across the world stay home.

According to a press release on Monday, the sessions will promote discussions with students and parents and foster a reading habit to improve wellbeing and spark children’s imagination amid lockdown.

Children's author Haya Al Qassim said, "The online sessions presents an important platform to enrich young viewers with engaging discussions and summaries on books. We aim to produce content that will entertain and benefit families during the holy month of Ramadan." Al Qassim is set to host two sessions titled 'How to select the right book for a child’s age?' and 'When to start reading for our children?'.

She added, "It is our duty now, as writers, intellects, journalists and media figures, to utilise modern technology and social media platforms in sharing our expertise with youth while we stay home in these challenging times."

Safia Al Shehhi, Emirati TV presenter and author, added, "It is an honour to contribute to promoting the habit of reading among school students. Along with other authors, we aim to leave a positive impact during the holy month by spreading hope, passion and knowledge online and highlighting all the positive values we can find in books." Al Shehhi will host three sessions titled, 'How reading saves us during crises?', 'The magic of writing' and 'How to tell your story?'.

Laila Al Ma’ina, life coach, who will share tips on establishing self-confidence through reading and ways to adapt to changes, said, "Reading is particularly important during these difficult times as it improves our wellbeing, expands our skills and broadens our horizons. Hence, reading helps us utilise our time at home in enriching and growing our minds, diverting our focus away from any negative thinking or fear."

The Arab Reading Challenge, the largest-ever Arab reading initiative, was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, in 2015 to promote the habit of reading among school students, develop self-learning and critical thinking and build communication skills in the Arabic language.

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