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Grenada Showcases History, Culture At Expo 2020 Dubai

The Caribbean nation of Grenada is participating in Expo 2020 Dubai through a distinguished pavilion showcasing its marvellous nature.

In his statement to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Stephon Benjamin, Organiser of Grenada's Pavilion, said that the purpose of participating in Expo 2020 Dubai is to showcase the country's history, culture and traditions, as well as its authentic folklore.

"We aim, through our participation in this key international event, to attract tourists to our country, which is known for its transparent blue beaches and diverse marine life," he added, noting 67 percent of the country's GDP is attributed to tourism.

Grenada has an interesting history reflected by its culture, he added, noting it is known as the "island of spices", as it produces the largest amount of spices per square mile than any country in the world.

Grenada’s top export is nutmeg, which is called "Black Gold". It produces 20 percent of the global production of nutmeg, as well as the best quality cocoa in the world, he said. The main investment areas in Grenada include agriculture, fisheries, healthcare, maritime navigation, yachts, tourism and creative industries, he added.

Various factors attract investment in Grenada, including the availability of skilled labour, the country's location as a hub for international markets and the best beaches in the world and abundant agricultural crops.

Grenada is known for its lakes, rivers and sulphur springs, 40 white sandy beaches and nine black sandy beaches. The country offers tourists an exciting experience, and they can enjoy water adventures, such as river rafting, sailing, sports fishing, whale and dolphin watching, and snorkeling.

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