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The Opening Ceremony Of The TRA Initiative Of Al Mawaheb Photography Team At Ajman Elderly Nursing Home

The Opening Ceremony Of The TRA Initiative Of Al Mawaheb Photography Team At Ajman Elderly Nursing Home

Seeking to serve the UAE society and coping with its organizational decisions that are based on the principle of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has supported the socio-humanitarian initiative of the national “Al Mawaheb Photography Team” through sponsoring the Team’s shooting of around 100 cultural and artistic photos and placing them at Ajman Elderly Nursing Home. Under the Patronage and the presence of H.E. Mariam Khalfan Al Roumi, UAE Minister of Social Affairs, the opening ceremony of placing the 100 photos took place last week at Ajman Elderly Nursing Home with the presence of H.E. Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Board Member & Director General, Mr. Hamad Abdullah Al Mansouri, Director of “Al Mawaheb Photography Team”, Ms. Layla Al Zarouni, Director of Ajman Elderly Nursing Home, the Home’s elderly, and members from the Ministry, the TRA and Al Mawaheb. H.E. Minister Mariam Al Roumi opened the ceremony saying: “Allah Almighty has told us in the Holy Qur’an to obey and nurture our parents due to their high statues to Him, where respecting them and approaching them with kindness is a demonstration of an aware and close society that adheres to respecting its elderly, providing them with the proper statues among its members.” Minister Al Roumi continued: “The best place for the elderly is with their families and cozy homes where they have raised their children, hence, the least we can do for the elderly whom, due to life circumstances, have resorted to this Home, is to compensate them for missing the coziness of their homes with love, tenderness and compassion. Thus, this socio-humanitarian initiative by a group of UAE youth photographers is the living proof of the solid goodness existing in this society where the young respects the elder, as well as a gesture that enhances the spirit of interaction and harmony that fills the generation gap with bridges of cooperation for the youth to follow the footsteps of their fathers, benefiting from their experiences and expressing their appreciation. The implanting of such good feeling within the sons and daughters towards their elders is one of the core objectives towards the elderly at the Ministry of Social Affairs, among a number of services that we seek for them, not only at the elderly nursing homes, but rather to reach their own homes in order to present their families with their role in caring for their elders via the Mobile Unit initiative which is considered one of our strategic goals for the upcoming stage; where the services to the elderly are not narrowed to providing medical and health care, but rather seeking for them to integrate in the fabric of the society that must embrace, communicate with and learn from.” “The responsibility of caring for the elderly is not just a government responsibility, but rather considered a national, moral and social responsibility to all. The sponsoring of this socio-humanitarian initiative by the TRA is a demonstration of the deep sense of national and moral commitment to our social issues and a manifesto of the interdependence, coordination and harmony between the social strata and the institutions. Hence, let this initiative be an experience for us to learn from how to conduct our family and national duties towards our elders, including each and every individual. Let it be an opportunity to carry out our responsibilities towards our fathers through loving and respecting them; decorated with the lively colors of life, captured by the artistic eyes of Al Mawaheb Photography Team to reflect a shining portrait of our heritage that is sprung from our genuine values and traditions which we are proud of, and which we derive from the everlasting wisdom of our elders,” added Minister Al Roumi. Concluding her presentation, Minister al Roumi expressed her gratitude to the organizers of this socio-humanitarian initiative that made the youth volunteer to serve their country and get involved in its social causes, considering “this voluntary experience is the living proof of the harmony between the wisdom of the past and the pride of the present to explore the horizons for a better future we seek for our fathers.” The ceremony witnessed a documentary presenting the Center’s work in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs, a presentation by Mr. Hamad Al Mansouri about Al Mawaheb Team, and a tour within the Center headed by Minister Al Roumi and Mr. Al Ghanim to check out the paintings. Prior to the ceremony conclusion, however, and on behalf of the TRA, H.E. Mohamed Al Ghanim presented Minister Al Roumi with a painting by the UAE artist Abdel-Kader Alraeis as a token of appreciation to Her Excellencies generous patronage. The TRA also honored the Director of Ajman Elderly Nursing Home and the Director of Al Mawaheb Team by presenting the TRA Trophy as an appreciation to their combined efforts and contribution to the success of this initiative. At a side conversation with H.E. Mohamed Al Ghanim, he extended his and the TRA deepest appreciation to the contribution of H.E. Minister Al Roumi to this ceremony via taking it under her patronage, and stated that, “we have made it our main objective at the TRA to contribute as much as possible in sponsoring projects and suggestions that serve all aspects of the UAE society. We have chosen this specific campaign to sponsor as an expression of appreciation by the TRA to the founding fathers, insisting in the pride of our Arabian and Islamic values.” Finally, the ceremony was concluded with folklore activities as an entertainment to the Center’s elderly and their families.

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