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Emirates Aluminium Reaches First Stage Milestone In Aluminium Production Capability

Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) has successfully accomplished the installation of the prototype Dubal DX technology reduction cell at what will be the world’s largest single site aluminium smelter complex in Al Taweelah, UAE.

According to Yousuf Bastaki, Project Director of Emirates Aluminium, "EMAL has achieved a vital first step as the smelter gears up to produce 700,000 tonnes of aluminium by the end of 2010. The prototype DX technology reduction cell installed in the potroom will now be replicated 756 times to deliver the infrastructure necessary for EMAL to become a global player in aluminium industry." EMAL is the first smelter in the world to licence DX reduction cells developed by Dubai Aluminium Company (DUBAL), a 50/50 shareholder in EMAL together with Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala Development Company.

The DX technology cell reduces the amount of energy needed for the production of aluminium, thus reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency. Each of the two potlines for phase I will have 378 DX reduction cells, arranged side by side.

"From an engineering and environmental perspective, we now have the green light to roll-out locally developed, ground-breaking technology that will enable EMAL to shift the focus of aluminium production to the Middle East," adds Bastaki.

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