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Sharjah Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Leads Initiatives To Accelerate Sharjah’s Economic Growth

The Chamber represents Sharjah at “Modern Strategies” conference to enhance its efficiency and role in sustainable development

Sharjah, UAE, July 22, 2008: The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has announced that it is intensifying efforts to boost Sharjah’s economic growth. SCCI is brokering high-profile public-private partnerships and encouraging entrepreneurship throughout Sharjah, which is rapidly emerging as a key contributor to sustainable national economic development.

SCCI Assistant Director General of Economic & International Affairs, Mohammed Ahmed Amin represented Sharjah during the recent “Modern Strategies” international conference organized by the International Dialogue for Human Resources Development at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Amman, Jordan. Amin joined four days of productive discussions on international and regional economic trends and issues as well as new methods for managing chambers of commerce and industry, with representatives from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, Jordan, and Yemen.

“The valuable insights we have gained through our participation in the recent conference will help us boost SCCI’s position as a vital agent for Sharjah’s accelerated growth. The Chamber wants to ensure that the phenomenal growth being experienced by the emirate is both properly directed and sustainable. So far we have been very successful in providing the necessary technical consultation and infrastructural support to boost domestic development,” said Mohammed Ahmed Amin.

Sharjah continues to attract economic activity due to its investor- and business-friendly environment, which is highlighted by nominal customs duties; world-class ports; restriction-free commercial and financial policies; and total tax exemption.

“Sharjah is playing a larger role in national development; we are pleased to say that the SCCI has been, and will continue to be, a major factor in promoting advanced economic activity throughout the area. We remain committed to formulating viable and productive programs that will encourage increased participation from all the emirate’s stakeholders in our shared quest for prolonged progress,” concluded Amin.

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