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Museum’s Collection Exhibition At Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah Art Museum is organizing “Museum’s Collection Exhibition”. The exhibition will open on 11 June 2009 and the exhibition displays highlights of the Museum’s collection through which many artistic experiences and contributions of outstanding artists are vividly reflected. Paintings and sculptures of artists who maintain momentum in the contemporary fine arts are also on display. It embraces artistic variations shown through the distinct performance of the artists. This is what ensures our trust in the vital role played by arts in bringing the various human cultures together and strengthening ties among peoples of the world.

Among those prominent artists are Ahmed Al-Sharief and Ismail Al Rifaei. The latter presents experience through recalling his childhood memories and the mud house where he lived. Another participation is Abdul Al-Rahim Salim’s painting work Qays and Majnun (Qays and Layla). Inspired from nature, Abdul Qadir Mubarak’s transparency and wet surface style avail colour blending. This technique needs to be carried out carefully and accurately. Another artist, Mohamed Al-Qasab used an abstract painting where colours are spontaneously used yet on purpose.

Al-Qasab’s painting structure suggests that the scene may contain adjacent windows or buildings. In the same work white colour is adopted abundantly to emphasize the powerful lighting of the city streets. Buildings features are overcome by light intensity.

Dr. Najat Meky expressed her participation in a different way through the vital role played by figures in the human brain. Figures are not just numbers but an expression of profound meanings and symbols with connotations.

Muatasim Al Kubaisi tried to touch the feelings of audience through silent subtle movements. Though invisible to us yet we can still feel these spirits as if we know and recognize them. The spirits speak in silence on our behalf and sometimes say what we might not say, or sometimes what we not want to say or not dare to say. This is quite clear in his distinct sculpture work “The Solider”.

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