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Sharjah Tatweer Forum Holds Brainstorming Session With Over 120 Organisations

Meeting With Non Government Organizations (NGOs)_ Part Of Intensified Preparations For Exhibition And Conference Set Later This Year

Sharjah Tatweer Forum has announced that it gathered representatives of some 123 non-government organizations (NGOs) yesterday (June 11, 2008) at the Sharjah Expo Centre for a briefing session that will serve as a prelude to an upcoming conference and exhibition scheduled later this year in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA). The meeting will also provide an opportunity for the various organisations based in the United Arab Emirates to network and discuss diverse issues that affect several NGOs.

Participants of the first coordination meeting includes representatives from non-governmental organizations registered with MOSA from all seven emirates. The briefing session also takes cue from the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Sharjah Tatweer Forum and MOSA to collaborate in various undertakings with particular emphasis on organizing a two-day conference and exhibition for NGOs to take place later this year..

Hussain Al Mahmoudi, Chairman, Sharjah Tatweer Forum said: "This meeting is an important step towards fulfilling our goal of creating a comprehensive networking platform for all NGOs, which have a critical role in the overall development of the country. Through this meeting, we also seek to gather new and innovative ideas from the representatives of participating NGOs as we continue our preparations for the upcoming conference and exhibition which will be held in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs."

The exhibition and conference are among the key initiatives outlined in the MOU. Set for October or November this year, the twin events expect the participation of various organisations from the private sector, governmental and public sector, academia, civil society, international organizations such as the United Nations, and various individuals who are active in NGO work.

The conference will serve as a networking forum wherein NGOs and related groups and organisations can discuss issues relevant to NGOs, while customised workshops will also be incorporated into the event to enhance the administrative and financial capabilities of NGOs. Participating NGOs are also expected to conduct presentations about their respective activities, while the exhibition will provide an avenue for participating organisations to showcase their products and services.

"By helping create a definitive platform for all NGOs, the Sharjah Tatweer Forum is steadily realising one of its foremost objectives, which is to forge effective collaboration between the private and public sectors. With the cooperation of the NGOs and the Ministry of Social Affairs, we are confident of creating a significant impact with this initiative and ultimately help ensure the emirate’s overall progress," concluded Al Mahmoudi.

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