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Why People Fail Their RTA Driving Test in UAE

There are many drivers on the roads but that does not necessarily mean that they are all qualified. Some use crooked methods to get their licenses. Others attended driving schools that were not so strict and that is how they managed to pass their tests. However, things are different with when it comes to RTA Driving tests in Dubai. You either get it right or you miss your chance of becoming a certified driver in UAE. is one of the most helpful sites for those who are planning to undertake the test. In any country, the bottom line to passing driving tests is following the traffic rules to the letter. In UAE, many people fail the test due to the stringent rules that must be observed. The following are some of the reasons why most people fail their RTA

Driving test:

• Inappropriate Braking
Braking is a basic technique applied by both learning and experienced drivers. When done correctly, it is considered a safety precaution measure on the road. However, some drivers tend to be a little too cautious especially during a driving test. Breaking abruptly every time you see people or animals crossing the road can work against you during RTA Driving test. The examiner considers you incompetent and lacking in the basic level of confidence. Emergency braking can cause back collisions and injuries to the occupants of the vehicle. 

• Changing Lanes Wrongly
The aspect of lane changing is one that is commonly used by examiners to test the learner’s confidence. Apart from failing the test, changing lanes wrongly can cause very fatal accidents. Even when the examiner asks you to change lanes, you are expected to check whether the road is clear. One mistake that most people make is jumping to the next lane just because the examiner said so. This does not only convey lack of confidence but also utter unskillfulness. 

• Delayed Adjustments
In driving tests, there is a very thin line between showing your skills and wasting time. Some drivers take too much time doing some preliminary things like buckling up and adjusting the driver’s seat. While these gestures may impress examiner, overdoing them can cause one to fail the test. This is because for one to be a competent driver, they should learn to match accuracy and speed. The examiner watches as some drivers use too much time making adjustments to the extent that they lose track of time.

• Accelerating on Neutral Gear
Most drivers make the mistake of stepping on the accelerator when the gear is on neutral. Some may claim that they are confirming whether the car is in gear or not. However, for whatever reason that one decides to do this, it is still a mistake. In Dubai, this could be the only thing that will cause you to fail your RTA Driving test. It also shows lack of confidence on the side of the driver doing the test. Passing the RTA test requires one to correctly park the vehicle after the drive. If you have to engage the accelerator for you to confirm if all is well, then it means your confidence is very wanting.

• Lack of Alertness
During the RTA Driving test, several drivers take the same vehicle so that they can drive in turns. As one drives, the others are supposed to be alert as they wait for their turn. One mistake that most drivers do is showing lack of alertness when their time to drive comes. Some panic and portray signs of confusion to the extent that the examiner notices their unpreparedness. Again, if it is your turn to drive, remember to confirm first whether the vehicle is in neutral gear before starting the engine. It is also expected for the driver to buckle-up and ask all the others do the same. If one does not do these things, the examiner to make unpleasant conclusions about them hence the test failure.

Final Remarks
Passing the RTA Driving test in UAE is not farfetched if one is committed to do things right. Most importantly is to learn the traffic rules and know what is expected of you during the test. Avoiding the mistakes discussed here will save you unnecessary trouble.

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