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Emirates Diplomatic Academy Commences Unique Training Program For Spouses Of Diplomats

Year-long interactive course provides spouses with essential knowledge of diplomacy, protocol and communications

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) launched the Diplomats' Spouses Training Program that aims to provide spouses of diplomats with a comprehensive understanding of diplomacy and its history, foreign policy, leadership, etiquette, and protocol.

Running over the course of a year across several modules, the unique program commenced on 11 December at EDA. The course consists of various in-depth modules, including an introduction to diplomacy, which dives deep into protocol and etiquette. The course also discusses the role of the United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the UAE foreign policy and international cooperation and aid. Other modules in the course, which concludes in October 2020, include skills on public speaking and networking, as well as communication skills and cultural awareness.

The attendees are also learning about diplomatic terms and concepts, the roles of embassies and foreign missions, the duties of ambassadors and different diplomatic ranks.

Dr Randa Abbas, Executive Training Instructor at EDA, led the course on the first day. Attendees also received training from Fatima Al Nuaimi, EDA Executive Training Manager, as well as Hind AlSharif, EDA Executive Training Supervisor.

Dr Mariam Ibrahim Al Mahmoud, Acting Deputy Director General and Director of Executive Training at EDA, said: "At EDA, we believe that not only diplomats but also their family members represent their nations. Therefore, just like it is vital for diplomats to consistently follow their crucial duties, it is equally important for their spouses to have a clear understanding of diplomacy and its enormous impact on societies. "

She added: "We are training spouses of diplomats on the history and concept of diplomacy as well as the key components of diplomatic relations. We also aim to update them on the latest developments in international relations."

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