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Sharjah Entertainment Thrives This Ramadan As UAE Cultural Capital Offers Something For Everyone

Leading cultural venue Al Qasba draws over 20,000 guests during the first two weeks of Ramadan as public determined to take advantage of rare art exhibitions, Islamic lectures and holiday promotions

Ramadan is one of the most exciting times of the year in UAE, and in Sharjah, Ramadan entertainment was flourishing as cultural and entertainment venue Al Qasba reports a huge influx of visitors—and spending—during the holiday season. According to Al Qasba Development Authority, revenues alone for this year’s Ramadan period have increased by almost 50% compared to last year due to the increased turnout of visitors and the various promotions which have encouraged consumer spending on everything from retail to fine dining.

The annual Ramadaniat Al Qasba program—held this autumn for the sixth consecutive year—was marked by a series of Ramadan cultural events including the Eman Oasis tent. Hosting notable clerics from across the Islamic world, evening religious lectures saw hundreds of visitors opening their hearts and minds to some of the most important Islamic issues within contemporary society.

Hazem Sawaf, Sales and Marketing Director at Al Qasba Development Authority, notes that the diversity of events this year encouraged an astonishing 20,000 visitors in the first two weeks—a figure higher than the monthly average footfall so far this year and even outpacing the Ramadan celebrations of last year.

“Ramadan is always an exciting time for us to be connecting with our customers and providing insights into the Islamic traditions of the region and the UAE in particular,” says Sawaf. “Sharjah’s popularity as a tourist and cultural destination is unique in the region, and we at Al Qasba are thrilled to celebrate holidays like Ramadan and Eid with distinct attractions and promotional schedules.”

Supported by a variety of both young and experienced photographers living in UAE, the ‘Life in Ramadan’ exhibit is another of this year’s special events giving visitors the chance to discover a local perspective on the many unique traditions and customs that characterize this very special time of the Islamic year. Open until September 18 and with predominantly local photographers, the partnership with Emirates Photography Society is one of a series of events that the two groups hope will promote photography within the UAE while strengthening the connection between art foundations and local communities.

It was the public who benefitted once again through a month-long giveaway promotion for all visitors spending AED 100 or more at any of Al Qasba’s facilities. Through the Scratch & Win campaign, which runs until September 19, customers took home hundreds of fantastic prizes including AED 20,000 total worth of Al Qasba Gift Vouchers to be spent on dining and entertainment, Home Electronic Gifts, a bundle of Food & Beverage Freebies and many more! Unlike in years before, many of the promotions are aligned with independent Al Qasba restaurants and cafes, which add a special touch to the festive atmosphere with a wide range of Iftar and Suhour meals and extended hours.

Ramadaniat Al Qasba was one of the many events held this year under the collective Sharjah Ramadan Festival; a program which aims to support the time-honoured values and traditions associated with Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr.

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